What's New
New features available in Altair Access™ Web.
About  Access Web
Use Access Web to submit jobs to a Workload Manager.
Video tutorials to help you get started with Altair Access Web.
Access Web is supported on the following web browsers.
Login to Access Web so that you can submit and monitor jobs.
Schedule jobs to run on an HPC cluster by submitting them to the Workload Manager.
Monitor the status of your jobs, filter the job view, view job details, monitor memory and core utilization, view a list of job files, or perform job actions.
Move job to a different queue, terminate, remove unwanted jobs, resubmit and download jobs.
Manage the jobs files by creating a new file, remove unwanted job files, downloading job files, viewing or editing a file.
Create, view and remove job profiles.
Add, update, or delete HPC clusters.
Create, manage, and navigate to your bookmark.
Organize and manage your job files.
Flexibility when you view the list view in Files and Jobs tab.
Create a remote desktops by submitting an interactive job and manage open remote desktops.
Visualize plots and animations from the result files.
View site specific pages in Access Web.
View notification messages that are displayed for various events.
Access Web provides an easy way to create a user defined application definition (app def) using the App Composer.
Set the user Access Web preferences.
View the Access Web Application Version.
View information about other Altair products such as Access Desktop and Access Mobile.
Create roles and add users to these roles to grant and restrict access to the various features of Access Web.
Audit Log provides an easy way to view record of actions happening in Access Web.
Change the remote desktop expiry time globally in the Access Web portal.
Share audit logs with Altair for troubleshooting Access Web.
Provide feedback from the Access Web application.
Change the password that you use to login to the machine hosting Access Web.
Provide a password once eliminating the need to continually authenticate to the Windows HPC complex.