Visualize Results

Visualize plots and animations from the result files.

Result file types that are supported - supported result file types.
The result viewer displays the plot for the selected X and Y axis parameters. The plot options allow you to:
  • View results from the Files and Jobs tab
  • View auto refresh plot data for a running job from the Jobs tab
  • Create and view customized Plot Template results
  • Create a plot template from a completed and running job result file.
  • Based on the result file information, the templates are categorized and saved
  • Set a default template to view plot results directly
  • Edit the X and Y parameters of the plot
  • Show and hide curves on the plot curves
  • Show and hide data points on the plot curves
  • Save a plot as an image
  • Save a plot with the selected data
  • Visualize the saved plot
  • Overlay plots to compare the results
The result viewer displays the animation for the selected model and the result types parameters. The animation results can be downloaded directly to your HyperView 2021.1 player to view the animation results.