About Access Web

Use Access Web to submit jobs to a Workload Manager.

Altair Access Web makes submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources simple, powerful, and consistent. Engineers and researchers can focus on core activities instead of learning how to run applications or move data around.

Remote visualization and collaboration capabilities enable direct access to expensive, high-end 3D visualisation datacenter hardware.

Results visualization service enables creation of plots and animations by extracting data from running and completed jobs. Multiple plots can be compared and saved. Animations can be downloaded and viewed in Altair HyperView Player.

Access Web's App Composer enables creation of user defined application definitions. It provides an easier way to add executable commands, pre and post job execution scripts, manage parameters and test and onboard application definitions.

Easy-to-use Portal - Give your engineers, scientists, and researchers natural access to high-performance computing (HPC) – no IT expertise needed – to run solvers, view progress, manage data, and use 3D remote visualization via web, desktop, or mobile.

Remote Visualization - View your job status from anywhere, on any device. Collaborate easily from multiple locations by viewing and editing application data without having to download large files.

Time and Resource Savings - Spend more time focused on core work and not IT tasks, with quick and easy job submission and management thanks to a powerful GUI with a smart, simple interface.

Access Web Features:

Rapid Collaboration - Users can instantly collaborate on large volumes of data in the comfort of a familiar interactive application, anywhere and anytime. Remote colleagues can share session views and controls across WAN links.

User Experience - Users get a simple, powerful UX that's consistent across desktop, web, and mobile.

Optimized Resource Management - Integration with Altair® PBS Professional® allows optimized application provisioning on graphical and computing resources for maximum utilization.

Zero Data Movement - Only pixels are transferred, eliminating the prohibitive times associated with data transfer.

Resiliency - Access provides continuity of remote application sessions across network connectivity disruptions.

Open Architecture - Because Access is built on an open architecture, you can use third-party applications without needing additional software development.