Audit Logs

Audit Log provides an easy way to view record of actions happening in Access Web.

The Portal Administrator (pbsworks) and the user who is assigned the role of Audit Administrator have the privilege to view audit logs of all the users.

Audit Log provides a complete list of actions performed in Access Web and provides the following information:
  • Action Date and Time
  • User name who performed the activity
  • User IP address
  • Action event (login, logout, file upload, file download, job submitted, etc)
  • Action attribute type (filename, job id, etc)
  • Action name
  • Status of the action performed
Audit Logs allows you to:
  • Export the logs to a CSV format
  • View the logs for a specific period
  • Sort the table by their columns
  • Search for a particular log using the username, an action, an action type, or status

By default, the audit logs are saved for a period of 365 days and this time duration can be configured by the administrator.

  1. Click .
  2. Select Audit Logs.
    Audit User Activity page is displayed.

    Audit User Activity
    Figure 1. Audit User Activity
You can perform the following tasks: