Submit Jobs

Schedule jobs to run on an HPC cluster by submitting them to the Workload Manager.

The ultimate goal for many engineers and researchers is to quickly submit their jobs and retrieve the job result files. Several options are available. Choose the option that best suits your needs.
  • Right-click a job input file, such as an Optistruct .fem file, and choose a solver to submit a job using defaults for the job arguments pre-defined by your site's system administrator.
  • Create a profile, a customized shortcut for submitting a job. A profile allows you to populate solver job arguments and save the information. You can later use the profile to quickly submit a job.
  • Populate a job submission form containing all the arguments necessary to submit a job for a solver.

Once a job is submitted, it is placed into a queue awaiting execution. Jobs can be monitored for queuing, execution, and completion, and the job results viewed via the Jobs tab.

Note: Access Web supports both Linux and Windows execution hosts. Users submitting jobs to Windows execution nodes must provide their password using the Confirm Password option for impersonation.