Manage Folders and Files

Organize and manage your job files.

The Files tab provides the following functionalities:
  • Use the search box to narrow your search for the required directory or file.
  • If you know the job input file folder path, then type the folder path in the location breadcrumbs available at the top of the file list view.

  • Add a favorite for quick access to frequently used files and directories by clicking .
  • Quickly navigate to your home folder by clicking .
By default, files and folders are displayed in a list. You can toggle the view to display your files and folders as tiles format by selecting located in the upper right-hand of the page.
Note: If you are not able to perform any of the folder or file related operations, then contact your system administrator as this may due to permission issue.
You can tailor the list view as per your needs as it provides the flexibility by changing the display of attributes, sorting, column resize, and changing the columns.